Healthy AND Delicious? - Start with the Right Ingredients May 28, 2015 19:13

Nelly's Organics was founded on a singular purpose: create food that is good for you, yet tastes even better. Hence, the tag line "Real Ingredients. Pure Pleasure.”  Our Energy Truffle Bars are vegan, organic non-GMO, gluten free and all natural, but are designed to be loved by everybody, regardless of dietary preferences.  The most important element to start with is the nutritional value of an ingredient and then build a complementary recipe from that point.

Nutty Beginnings

For Nelly's, it all started with our Nutty Nougat bar. Bet you can guess by looking at the bar which candy bar Nelly's founder, Carla, emulated in her home kitchen.... The intention was to serve her kids a healthy treat, the inclination was to make it taste (and look) like candy so they would eat it. Organic dark chocolate, cacao butter, nuts, raw coconut, raw agave, raw vanilla beans and pink Himalayan salt - every ingredient chosen for its nutritional benefit. Each bar that followed was centered on ingredients that Carla wanted her family to eat:

  • Coconut - rich coconut oil and shreds
  • Peanut Butter - nuts, brown rice and seeds
  • Double Chocolate - dates and cacao butter
  • Mint Chocolate - chlorella (a nutrient-dense freshwater green algae)
  • Goji Berry - nutritious berries with high levels of anti-oxidants 

(Keep an eye-out for future blog posts, which will go in-depth on the health benefits of these and many other ingredients.)

Making Good Food Taste Great

Not every new bar came together with ease. Goji Berry is a perfect example of an ingredient targeted for its nutritional benefits, yet doesn't necessarily taste indulgent solo. (sorry little berry...)  Combined with nuts, coconut oil, agave, cacao nibs, pink Himalayan salt and coated in dark chocolate, these little anti-oxidant powered berries meet their chewy-delicous destiny.   

The idea of turning healthy ingredients into something delicious doesn’t have to end with treats.  There are many ways that you can incorporate these ingredients into your meals:

The Boost - Simply adding more healthful ingredients to your recipes can make a great impact:

Kale: It packs a nutritional punch!

  • Sprinkle goji berries, unsweetened shredded coconut and almonds in a salad to increase nutritional impact

  • Include chopped walnuts in your pasta sauce for additional omegas, with a sweet/savory note

  • Use pink Himalayan salt, which is known to contain a multitude of minerals

The Transition - Want to increase the level of a particular ingredient in your diet, but are "afraid" to make the leap?  Try slowly increasing the quantity of that ingredient:

  • Add kale to your favorite salad, you'll hardly notice the difference in the mix, but your body will thank you for the increased nutritional density

  • Mix almond butter into peanut butter to add nutritional variety and transition to the new taste

  • Incorporate sprouted grain flour or coconut flour to your baking

The Hidden Treasure - It is actually quite easy to "hide" healthy ingredients into your everyday recipes:

  • Mix pureed butternut squash into mac & cheese

  • Your meat (and meatless) loaf recipe can easily include zucchini, carrots or other vegetables

  • Let your blender be the cover-up; there are countless recipes for healthy smoothies that can introduce you to new ingredients you may not want to try solo

YOU Are the Most Important Ingredient

We can all have good intentions of eating well, but it is action that brings those to life. The trick is to start slowly and not overdo it in the beginning. Simply starting with one ingredient at one meal is great; like adding goji berries to your oatmeal or coconut oil to your cooking. Of course, you could also swap-out your afternoon snack with an Energy Truffle Bar, but we'd be happy if you incorporate whatever healthy step works best for you.