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Men’s Health Month: Indulge in the Great Outdoors June 06, 2015 07:47

Celebrate Men’s Health Outdoors

It’s Summer.  It’s almost Father’s Day.  And, we’re celebrating Men’s Health Month.  What better reason(s) to get outdoors and enjoy what nature has to offer?  Not only will you reap the health benefits of exercising outdoors, but these activities are just so much more fun when done as a group.  Now, that’s what we call a win, win.

Health Benefits of Outdoor Fitness

Certainly, we all know that exercise is good for us, but did you know that there are extra benefits to getting it done outdoors?  You can click on the highlighted text to see the full articles.
  • A Healthy Reset - It’s time to brush-off the effects of a winter chill and spring storms to reset your system.  Getting yourself outside for an afternoon - or even better, a whole weekend - provides a great recharge that your body is craving. Recently, HuffPost Healthy Living blog had a post, which focused on taking a Spring camping trip, inspired by the Huichol Indians of Mexico.  The post emphasizes that you should embrace the sunrise, connect to the four elements, get moving and breathe in.
  • Overall Health Benefits - There’s just a happy buzz that surrounds outdoor exercise.  The fresh air, visual beauty and sense of freedom almost make it feel like you’re not even exercising.  You’re exploring!  Last summer, Huffington Post had a great article about the benefits of outdoor exercising.  We felt it was worth a re-read this summer. 
  • Vitamin D Boost - The sunshine vitamin, Vitamin D, has received a significant amount of press lately.  Consensus is that we do not get enough on a daily basis, leading to a risk of type one diabetes and many cancers.  WebMD has a great summary of the risks of Vitamin D deficiency and how to boost your level. One of our favorite ways is via getting outdoors for some exercise and rays.  Of course, you want to make sure to wear the proper sun protection to avoid a whole other form of cancer!

This Father’s Day: Give the Great Outdoors 


What better Father’s Day gift is there than spending time with family?  Won’t he be impressed with your research and organization skills by leveraging a few sites?  There are many ways to get outdoors, with just as many tools and tips on how to do it.  Below, you’ll find a list that we’ve used and/or come across; click on the highlighted words to be linked directly to the site mentioned.  

Hiking Trails

  • All Trails — Many of the trail guide services require that you register or pay an annual fee to get access to basic trail information.  AllTrails does a great job of giving you the details you would need to set out for an exploration within their free service (with registration).  Of course, if you want more services, they will gladly accept an annual fee for a Pro membership.  We do like that they say their membership fees go toward supporting the outdoors.


  • Yelp — Yup, Yelp.  It’s easy to forget that Yelp is a review resource for more than dinner or haircuts.  Search your local Yelp site for “Hiking Trails” and you’ll score some useful information and reviews of your nearby hikes.  Or, if you’re traveling, you can do a search of your destination.


  • Reserve America - A great resource for searching for and reserving available campsites across America.  You need to register to make a reservation, but it’s free to register and see information.  
  • USA Campgrounds - They claim to be "The most comprehensive guide to Federal, State, Provincial and Local campgrounds" and, it's all free.  You can get latitude/longitude of every campground, verified interactive street/topo maps and downloadable data files for your GPS or laptop mapping software.  They also have some useful links if you scroll down to the bottom of their homepage. 


  • Geocaching — Get our your GPS (or cellphone) to link-up with the fun world of outdoors hide-and-seek.  Geocaching is a worldwide network of hidden items that you can search for based on hints and tips, with the help of GPS coordinates.  They even have “GeoTours”, where you’re provided a number of Geocache hunts in a particular area, focused on giving you a grand tour in a very non-touristy way.

What are You Waiting For?

Ok now, it’s time to get treking!  No need to wait for Father’s Day.  In fact, early June boasts National Trails Day and don’t forget… it’s Summer!  The health benefits of getting outdoors for exercise and easy-to-use resources available make it easy to get out and explore.  Happy trails!

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