About Us

Nelly was my mom.  She passed away from breast cancer when I was 18 years old.  I dedicate everything this product and company has become to her.   

A few years ago, after doing extensive research on how food production has drastically changed in the last 50 years, I made the important connection between the quality of our food and the quality of our lives. I learned about the negative impact of factory farming, the importance of buying organic and non-gmo, and the profound benefits of a plant-based diet. By incorporating this new approach to food, I witnessed my health improve immensely, I no longer experienced heartburn, my anemia became a thing of the past, and my daughter's allergies disappeared. As my kids grew, I looked for a healthy alternative to the sugary confections available in the supermarkets. Since I couldn't really find anything I began drawing on my knowledge of the health-enhancing benefits of specific foods.  I experimented with nuts, seeds, fruits, and superfoods, to create the perfect combination of sweetness and flavor in the form of truffles and bars. I use only the highest quality organic, non-gmo sources for all my ingredients, locating smaller farms that are more concerned with the flavor and purity of their products than their margin of profit.

Our Bars were born out of my desire to offer my kids a sweet treat that was a better choice than store-bought candy.  But I felt so strongly about it I really wanted to share this bar with everyone, not just my family and friends.  So we rented space in a small kitchen and began approaching some health food stores.   Since then we've built our own facilities (pictures below) and we're growing quickly but organically.  I am so pleased and thankful for the positive reaction we have received since we began.   Carla - Nelly's daughter. 

     Carla (Nelly's daughter and founder)

About our Chocolate:  Rich, Smooth, Dark Chocolate Couverture

We searched out the finest fair traded, organic and sustainable chocolate with which to enrobe our bars, and chose Agostoni’s 71% Dark Chocolate Couverture.  Agostoni Italian chocolate has been family owned since 1946, and is used by chocolatiers and premium truffle makers worldwide in the creation of chocolate confections for generations.

You can learn more about the Agostoni family company at Agostoni Chocolate

Nature's Candy Bar

Our ingredients are sourced from whole foods with good fats, protein and fiber to help give you and sustain energy.  Sweetened with raw agave and brown rice syrup, then coated with delicious organic and fair traded dark chocolate, you can indulge in a 'candy bar' you can feel better about.